I truly Love love love photos ….Whether it’s photographing, looking, or displaying them!!
      I am the photographer at my house, I don’t mind though I see things differently!!!!

      To me I love Photos of my family and I want them displayed where I see them everyday.

      I have been photographing my boys since they were born and I just love having them around. For us, they are ART !!!
      When we had to evacuate our home because of the fires here in So. Cal. a couple years ago my main thought and focus was to gather my pictures! They are irreplaceable…
      Here is a couple layouts I designed for us..
      One display is using some Vintage Ironstone, brown Transfer- Ware and Hotel platters from my collection.
      The other thing is vintage frames.. I collect them and mostly save them to use for all my framing projects.
      If you have any unique lay outs I would love to see just send me a picture and I’ll share it!!

      Photos: #1 at my old Beach house. #2 at my Country house..

      My Design tip: Using similar frame styles and or matting is my first recommendation…other wise it will come off thrown together and messy.

      Take lots of photos!!