Accoutrements**** These are some of my Desk top Treasures.

      The Glass tray was from my Grandparents Desk it’s very old. I remember my Grandmother sitting at her desk and writing letters and opening her mail. I love seeing it everyday!

      Also there is my favorite pink note book “Keep Calm and have a Cupcake”.
      My zinc board with a photo of my MOM and of course a favorite movie stub from “Coco Before Chanel”.
      The lighting… a petite Vintage Wall Sconce… It is in a vintage ceiling tin on the wall above my desk!!
      I love my desk area it keeps me organized as well as it’s just for me****

      Hopefully you have a place that you love to work from!!! I would love to see yours… Email me!!
      My Design Tip: Surround your self with beautiful items in your work area and you will love spending time there and keep it organized.

      Have a great Monday*

      LOVE your sconce!! I thought it was a night light and was getting ready to ask ya where ya found such a lovely!!

      Bonjour Gail,
      You have surrounded yourself with so many beautiful things. The Glass tray must be especially treasured belonging to your Grandparents. Thank you for your visit, I will add you to my sidebar as well.
      Have a good evening,