Hi Darlins…
      In a few days we anticipate gathering around tables and having a moment of silence and giving Thanks for our Blessings.
      Gather with me a moment won’t you… we will prepare for our Casual Loves Elegance vintage style gathering at my home.
      A vintage Cornucopia on our front door filled with roses from my garden and birch twigs off our tree.
      Fresh flowers are essential!
      Some foliage or branches in the foyer to bring some earthliness indoors..
      Greeting guests with a simple vintage glass of freshly made apple and kale juice, light yet entices their appetite a bit.
      When guests walk in and say Mmmmm. the fun begins! 
      Delicious smells of fresh made banana bread and fresh baked cookies in the kitchen brings back memories of past holidays with family and friends…
      My collection of vintage wooden chairs… 
      Choose any one you like to bring and set around the table.

      Vintage Ironstone mixes and matches with my brown and white transfer ware. 
      Here are a few favorites I have collected for years. 
      Grab the stack and follow me!
      Large vintage cloth napkins with sparkly napkins rings (they aren’t vintage) I found years ago…
       I loved them so much I gave some as gifts to friends for christmas years ago!
      These add lux to our gathering… rolled up and ready to go under this glass glass etched cloche.

      A warm and comforting soup will be served as the first course.
      A family favorite I make all year long Velvet Pea and Zucchini soup.
      I’ll get the vintage silver heirloom soup spoons…
       I have a surprise for the placement of the spoons for you! I had fun making these…
       Love my vintage paint brushes… 
      SHhhhhh I’m salvaging from our renovation of our French farm house too!
       Only natural to look around here!
      I hope you don’t mind…
      Follow me,
      we are gathering in the library near the cozy fire this evening for our Holiday dinner. 
      Place your  chairs where you like, gather around the table get comfy and cozy.
      Who would like to light the candles…
      for the warmth of friends like you…

      Have the most beautiful Thanksgiving ya’ll

      My Design tip: Mix and match vintage finds with your family heirlooms. Collecting beautiful essentials for entertaining and decorating like this can so much fun… and be found on SECOND SHOUT OUT vintage market place.

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      Read this full blog post on Second Shout Out blog my series Saturday”Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson
      Photos: All photos by Gail Smith- Peterson for Casual Loves Elegance 
      except 2,4,13 from Pinterest

      Gail I can see your family Thanksgiving will be filled with love, warmth and lovely decor! Fabulous ideas!

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