Morning… this is about 6am
      The moon was so bright when I woke up…. 

      I looked out the window and walked outside
      Miss Chloe our dog sashayed over and sat at my feet a minute…
       I walked over to check out the new vintage birdhouse to see if the wind had blown it over,
       and this is what I saw…
      I looked right through  this little opening..
       and the moon was centered right in the middle.
       How perfect I couldn’t believe the view… I went in to grab my camera…

      How amazing… I could never of planned that!!!
      I would like to take a moment to express my sincere concern for all who are experiencing this storm.
       Prayers and thoughts to all who are on opposite coasts.

      I wish you strength and courage.
      Keep together and the sun will shine upon you once again.

      Everywhere around you, we are gathering and sending supplies just stay calm… 
      Please know that there is a whole country that loves you and we will gather together as one…

      What a stunning view of the moon! It truly was picture perfect~~even from the little birdies view! And yes, let us stay in prayer for the East coast~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie