Happy Friday Darlins… I hope your last weekend of February is Fabulous!

      I Love monograms and I always have an eye out for them… Even if they aren’t mine I love them!
      I just think its such a beautiful display of craftsmenship and I love vintage linens, china, crystal, silver, wood anything with a monogram is so special. I use them everywhere too. At my beach house I had a pair of Belgium linen sheets that had the most beautiful MB monograms in pale blue. I used them for curtains in our master bedroom. Sometimes I was asked what does the MB stand for? HELLOO……. Master Bedroom!! Any way I loved them and when we sold the home the new buyer asked for them!
      Photo} The *R* is a another beautiful vintage sheet from Belgium and I have it in our Restroom!
      For me it stands for Romance and Roses!!! The rose is from my garden!
      My design tip: Use beautiful vintage monograms for one of a kind statements, they don’t have to be your initials, enjoy them for their beauty.
      Happy Friday*


      Gail I love monograms as well, especially on vintage linens!


      Art by Karena

      Bonjur Gail,

      Monograms are lovely, and I agree it dosen't have to read your own initials to love them! Wonderful collection. Thank you for coming by to visit on the details of the Musée Carnavalet, and you are so right the workmanship is stunning.

      I love monograms, too…the fancier the better… I love to give monogrammed robes as gifts.

      Very pretty Gail! Have a great weekend~