A beautiful Friday & national donut day!!
      Each Spring when I travel to the midwest for my family visit I always look forward to scouting new places to see what treasures I can find for my home renovation and decor. 
      This year I promised myself that if I couldn’t fit the item in my suitcase it was off limits to purchase.
      Took a lot of dicipline on my part!
       Though I took some pics of the large objects I had to refrain from. 
      Seeing these again in my photos makes me wonder who the lucky shopper was who brought these home.

      Flea markets are so much fun… but if the seller can’t ship it rules out these large beauties!

      My Design tip: Have a shipping plan when shopping vintage markets.

      Next post… I will share a darling store we visited & the treasures that came home with me…

      Enjoy this day, have a donut, it’s national donut day!!!