Happy Saturday!

      We all are familiar with tailored mens suits made from the finest cloth. Cozy woolen blankets that are almost indestructible. Stylish wovens that hold integrity and substance.

       Pinstripe from talented Designer : Joe Ruggirio
      Editorial: from my archives…
      Haven’t we all found a cool vintage piece of furniture that has great detail in the silhouette, but can’t decide if we should buy it because it needs an upholstery miracle!
      This antique chair was inside a house renovation project years ago. 
      It sits just like this…waiting to get tailored!
       I can’t pass up beautiful vintage piece!

      Ah… what about those heirloom pieces?
      We love those, after all their irreplaceable for their sentimental value.
       Maybe your thinking you will never part with it.
       Honestly, are you pondering if you should keep them stored away?
       Your thoughts are you will never use them and not to mention they don’t work in your space…

      What about?

      I think it’s brilliant to tailor furniture pieces and make them truly one of a kind!


      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of constructing furniture, draperies and pillows with VINTAGE suit fabrics and vintage blankets. I started doing this about 20 years ago!
      These familiar fabrics have already worn well. 
       Classics like BAY, PENDLETON & ARMY blankets.

      Patterns like houndstooth, pinstripe, herringbone,windowpane & plaid.
      Emblems and logos like RED CROSS, ARMY, UNIVERSITY & HOTELS.

      I say…”LET’S rekindle the era of practicality and luxe”….

      Newly upholstered pieces, redesigned home furnishings gives new life to vintage forgotten suits and blankets. 
      Once coveted debonaire & cozy. 
      Now we can bring sentimental back home.
      of course… THE Ralph Lauren’s Collection

      My Design tip: Start with a furniture piece you love. Find enough old suits, save the linings if they are silk & gorgeous for another project. Mix patterns, down of course.

      Hop over for my Saturday’s Designing with vintage at SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG.
      Also shop vintage clothing and textile at SECOND SHOUT OUT. 
      They will have some beautiful pieces of vintage to get this look!

      Have a beautiful weekend, tomorrow is officially first day of Autumn!


      Lové, lové lové this créative post!
      That wool sofa is divine would so love it if it were mine, I would work it into my mix.
      As for your chair that needs a miracle i too had one that sat for over 3 years in a corner naked and waiting for some attention. I got use to looking at it this way that when I finished dressing it I kind of missed it in its sad shape.

      I have added you Gail to my blog roll of inspiration.
      Love your home and all it inspirers.


      I love this idea, and the inspiration photos are amazing! And thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I would have replied via email but you have the no reply thing enabled. I appreciate your kind thoughts and insight!

      xo Kat

      This was a great post. Menswear style…never seems to go out, does it?