May Day* I remember last year this time I was hosting my big event.

      The Olivenhain Grove Sale”. It was a wonderful event in my Lemon grove at my house.
      We had the best time all of the people who came out to support it was fantastic. It turned out Fabulous! I have spoke to many people who came and they have asked when is the next one?
      I don’t have one planned.
      {I had a couple of neighbors who complaints made it impossible to do it again.} After the fact we heard through other wonderful neighbors who came to support the event {they} complain about everything! Get a life right!
      It was only intended to be a one time event.Though I will work on something!
      I hope you had flowers on your door yesterday for May 1st. I used to put flowers on my neighbors front doors at the beach. The tradition is so beautiful it brings back lovely memories I had fun doing it early in the morning before they woke up,they would always know it was me!
      Here are some flowers from my garden for you! *Happy May *

      What a wonderful tradition of leaving flowers at someone's door. You are such thoughtful person. Hey, at least the police didn't come to your party, did they? Ha! Did you warn your neighbors beforehand? They were probably just jealous. Happy belated May day to you!