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      I received a few emails asking to see my area where I took the picture of the chair on my blog welcome…So I thought I’d answer you with some pictures too!

      Well it is in the Foyer to the two master suites that I added to the house in phase I, of this renovation.
      The photos show the entry foyer Before with the 70’s archways, blue clay pavers, and a little sliding pocket door. When you opened the pocket door there was a bathroom that you walked into. Everything was gutted and a new separate foyer was added with the two suites off to the sides.
      Photos After I used vintage doors and resized them added new vintage glass.In my interiors I always put french doors to separate the bedrooms from the living space.
      {The foyer in the second picture is behind the large french doors with the transom}.
      The foyer, pass thru, has wood moldings casing all the doors and windows. Almost every inch of the master suites interior foyer is layered with white glossy enamel moldings, halogen lighting, a vintage chandelier etc. The floors are so amazing that’s a long story… The post I did on the marble sinks with the french faucets… well those are from these suites…
      My design tip*Have a plan, Have continuity in the design. Use the same core elements all through your home.
      It was a 15 month renovation but well worth it. It is exactly what I visualized being there.
      I hope you enjoy my work!!!
      Have a fun weekend,

      Hey Gail! So glad you came over and linked up this FABULOUS space to Inspiration Friday. Hope you'll keep coming back to share more of your gorgeous home!


      Hi Gail! Your home is absolutely beyond stunning. My mouth actually dropped open! 🙂 We are just so thrilled that you joined in the fun at our Inspiration Friday party and we look forward to seeing much more of you and your gorgeous home in the future!

      Wow!! What a beautiful space you must have!! Hope to see more of it!

      Gail absolutely beautiful doors and great advice!!

      I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

      Art by Karena