On our drive way back home from the Na-Da farm sale,

      off the interstate we saw some one of a kind…
      MAN garden elements!!!
      Certainly the Robertson boyz on “Duck Dynasty” have some Man Garden elements!
      {My boyz favorite show}
      Vintage Tonka Trucks on each fence post… 
      I must say it’s my first time seeing something like this…

      Rule NO.1 be different”!!!
      In all seriousness I love “Duck Dynasty” too…
      Entertaining and down to earth they share a great message about family…

      {I don’t watch T.V very much at all…and never watch reality TV, So this is a big endorsement}!
      Have a beautiful Friday
      Tomorrow I will have a DESIGNING with Vintage design post so hope you stop by!

      Boy you captured some very cool landscape!

      We just got the 1 season of duck dynasty, never watched it before, we don't have cable or satellite or any stations for the matter! we are really enjoying it, like everyone told us we would!

      Looking forward to the vintage post 🙂