Good Morning Darlins… The weekend is here! Projects  here are always in the works!
      This being my favorite month… this project is a favorite now!

      This photo is our view from the house.

       It was taken when I had just had a huge Vintage sale at my house in our  lemon grove! I called the sale “The Olivenhain Grove Sale” it was fantastic and so much fun! I rented this huge white tent, before the tent was taken down I took some pictures. (I would LOVE to own a tent like this, wouldn’t you)?

      The renovation of our property just isn’t the house… We fell in love with quiet country location and this amazing view (only 5 miles from the beach). The home sits a top of a beautiful hill, the back of the home faces the west with the property’s view over the hills to the Pacific Ocean.  The setting reminds us of the wine country and people who have visited say it feels like the European countryside.  We felt a beautiful compliment to the land would be planting a grove. We chose “Eureka  Lemons” they love the sun and the soil is perfect for them. Producing and edible product that we could share was appealing as
      well as the benefit of adding value to our landscaping. Seeing the beautiful lemon trees as we look towards the ocean is unbelievably picturesque and the fragrance when in bloom is intoxicating!
       (The picture here is the after)

                    I was so excited when I found this vintage sign “FRUIT TREES”. I had to have it!

      Also another vintage find was the fabulous arrow from a weathervane. I wanted to make a sign for our grove.
      I was almost there…. I just needed a few salvaged elements. A vintage wood fence post…a back plate/handle from a old screen door… and someone to put it together! Sooo…of course this fell into the Honey-do category!
      A handle to hang a basket from!
       Our Grove has a Vintage Marker… made with Love!

      My Design tip:
      Using vintage signs and architectural discoveries to create one-of-a-kind garden elements makes your area interesting and unique. Renovating your property should include interesting elements that say something about you, and still complementing the style of your home.
      Speaking of Design and Vintage…
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      Second Shout Out is launching Soon! I have some thing to share ….a bit later!
      Have a beautiful Saturday* 


      Your property is breathtaking and I agree, that tent is so eye candy beautiful! I hope your sale went well, would have LOVED to been there!! The architectural/vintage sign is PERFECT for your LEMON GROVE. You have a BEAUTIFUL LIFE! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie