A lovely morning to you!

      I don’t know about you…. but I always have some specific places I want to visit when traveling.
      I eventually get to them which is really lovely!

      This trip to the midwest, my causin arranged for us to take a beautiful train ride into chicago. 

      It was a beautiful day…

      We had lunch reservations at RL
      His monogram on the silver….
      Gorgeous displays throughout… 
      So the fun story is…
      We shopped around the store which was amazing, this lovely women sales associate asked us if we were dining?
      Yes we were. She said, just go through the door here and you will be in RL. 
      So we swent through this beautiful mirrored door and went right in!
      I gave my name to the host and said, were a bit early for our reservation. 
      He replied, {as he looked us over}
       do you mind….
       the only table available right now would be OPRAH’S!
      We said, Yes that would be lovely!! We would love to sit there…
      So we were honored to occupy Oprah’s booth in the corner facing the dining room! 

      Our service was exceptional, our lunch was heavenly!

      So I can cross RL off my list, though I would certainly love to go back anytime…

      I will post about the other places too!
      A beautiful day to you!

      As I blow a kiss to the heavens to my beautiful Mom who passed away on this day 12 years ago! 
      She was the sweetest mom.
      It was like yesterday, honestly…
      I miss you dearly MOM…


      Oh Gail sweet kisses to your mom, memories are the glue that holds life together.
      As for your dinning experience what a treat to dine I'm O.W reserved table and what about those coffee/tea cups! Tell me you wanted to bring at least yours home with you?
      I love shopping Ralph Lauren, my son was wearing RL as soon as he could walk and my daughters bedroom was ruffled and eyeleted from top to bottom when she was born.
      I now have purchased a feather down stripped linen throw pillow for my bed or sofa, and a euro sham to match, need to get the feather euro pillow to fit it. I so love the soft strips of natural in the vintage mix of my home. As for RL Home designs I too love the vignettes created, makes you want to take the whole setup home with you.

      So glad you had this beautiful experience….inspiring!