Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you Irish Darlins*

      Reminiscing from when I was young with my friends.. we associated St. Pats with tiny magical leprechauns, trying to find four leaf clovers in the lawn and if you did you considered it *Lucky*.
      Oh yes..wearing green to school so we didn’t get pinched!
      When I was growing up at my house we were celebrating a special birthday… It was one of my brother’s. He was born on St. Pats and my parents named him Dennis Patrick.. He was always so excited for his birthday. My mom usually baked his birthday cakes and frosted them with green icing. We had decorations with clovers and lots of green! One day I put the two together as to why we always had green frosting on his cake! When I was young I used to think everyone was celebrating him!
      Denny was my most favorite person in the world…He molded my heart… I adored him! Today I am remembering him and sending a Happy St. Pats Birthday wish to the Heavens***
      I hope you have fun today… it’s raining here in Socal!

      I remember Denny with love, he had such a kind sweet soul and such courage.
      One of my favorite memories from visiting you all was playing hide and seek, he loved it!!
      Great memories…I think of you all often. Happy Birthday Cousin Denny!