This morning I woke up to the sun rising, I looked at the time it was 6:12 am and streaming in my bedroom window.

      I thought to myself what a beautiful morning. I began thinking it’s my birthday Yeah**

      I started reflecting on all my birthday’s and how they began from the moment I woke up.. I remember my mom always kissing me and saying Happy Birthday BOO BOO, that was my nick name she called me… My dad used to sing It’s a beautiful morning, so sweet {though he used to sing that about every morning}!!! I miss them dearly and wish I could hear those voices…
      I always remember beautiful days, I don’t recall it ever raining on my Birthday.
      August is the best month ever! It is my favorite..
      I got up and made Nespresso in my new little pixie, It is going to be a beautiful day!
      Happy Birthday to all of you who share my day. Please let me know if it’s your birthday too.
      We’re Virgos!
      A pic from my modeling archives*
      Have a Beautiful day*

      Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Gail:-) You're a lucky girl to have sunny birthdays…mine is in December…bbrrrr.


      Dear longlost cousin, I hope that you have a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!! I found you by accident while looking on Google for Casual Elegance and Cozy Elegant design ideas! When I clicked on your blog I recognized you immediately! How funny to find you on your Birthday…
      I also LOVE to decorate, design and build, I love white and LOVE my lemon and lime trees, gardenias, jasmine and roses! We also designed, built and decorated every aspect of our two homes (I married an Architect/Builder~29 years!!) We have raised two boys as well, one just home from the Military (Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan).
      Your life, family and home are BEAUTIFUL, as are you!
      Enjoy this special day!