Morning Darlin’s
      I hope your relaxing with a cup of your favorite tea or coffee…

      Today for my Saturday’s Designing with Vintage series for SECOND SHOUT OUT blog,
       I want to share my love for Vintage mirrors with you!

      There is something so beautiful about a vintage mirror.
      The missing silver of the mirror seems to become enhanced with age. 
      Worn paint and gilding tell the story of the places it has graced.

      This large 18th century french mirror hangs over our mantle in the dining room.
       The room has great height for this mirror with the ceilings opened to the second floor. 
       I think this mirror is about 6ft tall.
      The light fills this room in the afternoon from the west and reflects off the mirror.
       I fell in love with it when I saw it. It is my favorite mirror, 
      I have a little french mirror collection!

      {I didn’t paint it. someone else did} I would of loved the original. 
      Don’t you think there should be a license to use white paint?

      The way in we entertain in our kitchen and dining spaces has become more elegant like a living room.

      A fireside area, with a large mirror is almost expected in today’s homes.
      A silver leaf french mirror over the sink is beautiful.
      This beautiful mirror is tilted just so….
      This large mirror nearly to the floor, makes the room appear larger.

      “Beautiful mirrors accent a space with the beauty of their frames”.

      My design tip: In place of artwork,try hanging a beautiful vintage mirror. Be sure to have it hung professionally. They are heavy!

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog to read this whole post! 
      & shop for vintage mirrors at SECOND SHOUT OUT. I have a darling oval one there!

      Have a beautiful week end!


      I love vintage mirrors. I'm always on the look out for them whenever I go into an antique store, well any store for that matter but haven't had any luck yet. I'll keep looking!

      Thank you for your sweet comment…I'm happy you stopped by! It also seems you were "The one" to be with your mom….
      Enjoy each day and the gifts your heart treasures…

      Oh Gail…….you are talking about my passion here: chandeliers and mirrors! And I think I have every one of those photos on my pin boards!

      I do believe we have crossed paths before, and it is a joy to see you again! Thank you for leaving a comment upon visiting my blog; your words are almost "prophetic" because though everyone in my family is extremely talented in some area, I do believe what you aunt said about "THE ONE"….I do think that each ONE brings something unusual and compelling to the scene, and that's for sure about me. I love to write, I am learning to write poetry, and each of us has something right under our nose to observe and freeze in a poem.

      Your beautiful post is inspiring me to see how I can maybe rearrange some table chandeliers in my home today! BE COZY and have a lovely week! Anita

      Hi Dore
      Yes these spaces are so pretty! Hope all is well, tonight I am going blog visiting, I will come by!

      Beautifully inspiring, I could move into any of these spaced in a heart beat.

      Beautiful weekend to you.