Oh my Gosh!

      This morning my husband says to me you’re not going to believe it but there are two cows by our gate!
      I jumped out of the shower threw my clothes on grabbed my camera. Yep two cows laying in the bushes by our fence. It reminded me of when our dogs Bentley and Chloe used to get out of the yard and go on little adventures and they stayed together. Our dog Miss Chloe was so calm and friendly she just sat on the other side of the fence looking at them, it was so sweet.
      They are so adorable…Like two buddies on a little adventure #238 & #239! I was able to walk right up to them to take these photos. How cute! I am tempted to let them in to eat the weeds!

      I have always loved Cows I used to want to have one if I did I would name her DAISY*
      Off to make a sign to put up LOST COWS*
      Hope your week is fabulous,
      It’s TRUE… I will love you till the cows come home!

      {UPDATE }after I made the flyers, the owners showed up and were here wrangling them up!
      So all is well 238 & 239 are on their way back home..

      Love these two cows in your yard!
      I did a post last month on cows and how much I adore them. Such sweet faces and so peaceful.
      So glad you found my blog today and now I have found yours!
      Look forward to getting to know you. 🙂