Hi Darlin’s
      My Dad was an outdoorsmen…I remember thinking the gear was cool, the fancy duck calls, a beautiful wood bow & arrow set, duck decoys etc.
       He couldn’t wait to tell about his adventures when he came home. I remember one trip when he and his buddies went to Canada.  Flew in on a seaplane, after landing on the lake they hiked to a beautiful old hunting lodge.
       I wanted to know all about the lodge… How it was decorated, what kind of linens & dishes! 
      He was great about taking pics of it for me! 
      I have the honor of inheriting his beloved mementos, & I have fun incorporating them in our home today.

      There is something about a Woodland inspired interior {I call it} that simply evokes coziness. The elements that bring together these spaces are purposeful. 
      Finding just the right balance takes an artful eye. 
      Patience…. is just as important, in curating those special pieces.
      The dark matt walls in this space add a sophisticated backdrop for all the furnishings. 
      The wonderful taxidermy sets the tone of this woodland interior.
      How about this log seat or table on casters! A minimal space that is cozy with the woodland elements.
      Old world & Woodland elements pair beautifully.
      Love the simplicity of country elements with taxidermy.
      The artistic craftsmanship that went into creating this branch ceiling is truly special. This acorn shaped chandelier looks to be handmade or an antique. Exquisite!
      Yes…I have been very patient…
      this summer, shopping a vintage flea market in Wisconsin, my SIL spotted this for me! 
      I have been looking for a couple decades for just the right one!
       It was a quite special that she spotted it for me! 
      An old mount was what I was hoping for too… 
      a story that it was acquired from an estate collection from an old Hunting Lodge… 
      I had chills for a moment, thinking of my dad…

      Recently it arrived! Promptly found a place of honor in our living room. 
      Accessorizing for fall… placing a vintage Lincoln style gentlemen’s hat, a birdie, dried hydrangeas from my garden snuggling them gently into the brim.

      My Design tip: To create a chic woodland space choose your elements carefully. Mixing them into your interior as an accent to create a warm and cozy space. Over doing the elements will create a cabin feel instead of a more polished curated space.

      Oh Deer….LOVE

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      I spotted some cool ones!