September….I’m not quite ready…you know… for FALL!

      Our warm and sunny weather has been late in coming this summer to So. Cal. We’ll take it though….

      My Photo*

      I can’t explain… but I stacked all of my chairs on the dining table while I was being a little domestic Haus Frau and vacuming and washing my wood floors
      As I walked back into the room I just loved the art full beauty in those white vintage chairs just sitting there….So I got my camera {Love love love it, b-day gift last year from my family}
      I took these photos, from my Cleopatra balcony off my master bedroom! I love the whole composition of it!!!!
      Uh…I guess you had to be here….
      My dining room is styled with Scandinavian & French influences…All Vintage*
      It’s very clean and cozy, my floors are squeaky clean!!
      Happy White Wednesday…Enjoy the first of September*
      xoxo me