What a busy weekend…

      We went to a charity event Benefiting physically challenged Athletes. It was White Attire Cocktail Dress.. It was very chilly… though a wonderful charity and everyone had a lovely time..

      Then Saturday, in my jeans and white T stacked with blankets and coats …at my son’s Little Leaugue games! I know how to mix it up!!! Ha Ha
      The weather is supposed to warm up in time for the elementry school’s TWO WEEK Spring Break!!
      Ya HOO is all I’m hearing around here…
      It will be the last year for TWO weeks next year off to middle school and they only get ONE poor Darlings…
      I LOVE *LOVE *LOVE* my Greens… MY {EVERGREENS}. I do have a Metal URN Issue and Covet my Topiary passion with my Heirloom Roses!
      I will have to take a populataion toll of my Topiary’s I know I must be in the 30 ish count… Not nearly where I should be!!
      It is time for some pruning and shaping… A bit tidious but afterward they look perfectly coiffed!
      My Design Tip: In the Garden and Landscaping, Keep Urns for Special Shapes. Elevating them gives them a place of Honor.

      Wow! You have som amazing topiaries! 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind comment and for adding me to your blog roll. So sweet of you.

      So jealous of all of your "green" Our green is slowly starting to peek out..except we are supposed to get some snow again tonight..bleh. I'm ready for SPRING! Love all of your urns and topiaries.


      Hi Gail! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog..so nice to "meet" you! You have a great blog too and I like you, love evergreens and the rustier/older the planter, the better. Lovely post. Your life sounds like mine, all over the place, major multi tasker, never a rest for the weary!
      Will be back and now I am following you too!