Lounging is a pure Luxury! 
      Rarely do we set out to lounge the day away…
      Everyone is so busy, I think we forgot to how to lounge!
      Maybe this will refresh your memory!
      This vintage Iron campaign bed is one of my favorite pieces.
       Its  sitting here in my garden house. Love how I can fold it up when I’m not using it.
       I bring out a large down mattress, some pretty vintage linens & it’s ready!

      This french day bed is lovely too, unexpected delight tucked against the porch wall.
      I love how this Iron bed is nestled in the nook of a stone balcony…
       You can almost feel the summer breeze!
      This one looks like it’s prepared for a cool evening.
      Perhaps this iron bed is on a farmhouse porch… 
      A perfect place to rest after a day of gardening!

      Ahhhh… this one for when you want only a big blue sky and a long nap!

      My Design tip: A lounge space can be inside or outside, doesn’t have to be fancy, just comfortable. You can personalize with what ever helps you relax.

      I hope this refreshes your memory or inspires you to take some much need time and LOUNGE!!

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      Have a beautiful weekend Darlins…