A future Kitchen Island?

      This is a sneak peak at a project I’m going to slowly begin working on…

      It will be our future kitchen Island. I’m reconfiguring the interior works to get overhauled a bit and should be a perfect piece for at least another century!!
      I fell in love with this piece …. I would love to know the story behind it… I was told it is solid White Oak, Louis Philipe circa 1850… Enough for me its a truly amazing piece of art with it’s carved door fronts and drawers…
      It ‘s been in my garage and finally we brought it in the house so its safe and I can work on it. We haven’t started that part of the house yet so I may be just loving it against a wall for a while!!!
      I’ll keep posting the progress with it!!!
      My Design tip: If you see a Fabulous piece that you know will work at a later time, BUY It..If you love it and it’s really special,it will be worth hanging on to. You won’t find it when you are in the market for it. These pieces are Special and Uniquely rare finds.

      Enjoy your weekend!!
      Hope you spy a treasure…..

      A new follower , i love your blog and love your tip, so true, if you have an inkling that you might like it , THEN BUY it…. Love that..