A beautiful day to you Darlins,

      We’re bringing all the finish work together at my clients home…

      A couple large fixtures were hung.
       Getting the first look at all the pieces after months of scouting for just that perfect statement piece.

       LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!

      Clue… This is hanging in the dining roon & it shines a beautiful glow on the space?
      Your so smart & gorgeous too!
      YES…A chandelier!
       An amazing one you will see soon

      Yes…those are vintage beams!!!
      {one of a kind we made them just for this room}

      I can’t wait to see it all come together in the next few weeks & I will curate the reveal to share!
      I’ve been so busy, sorry for the spread apart posts, I’m doing mutltiple jobs right now!

      I miss you & will be back soon with lots of exciting new things to share for 2016!!
      I’m trying to find time to set up instagram soon…

      Enjoy each moment that brings you the joy you deserve!

      Hi Gail,
      Beams, great Chandelier? Ok you got my attention here…. Can't wait to see more of the finished space, and slow down and finish yours as well…. This is a long awaited reveal for your home as well. How is your space coming along? And did the landscaping get finished? I bet you are going to have one beautiful summer this year 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, I always enjoy my visits with you.