I know unless you’ve been on the moon lately your aware that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s more than just the pink ribbon and bracelets…

      Those are fabulous and are great reminders for the month but it’s the research funds that will help in finding a cure for Breast Cancer. I know we’ve all been touched by a person who has been diagnosed with it at sometime in our lives.

      I would like to put a link on my post {BELOW} for those who would like to donate.
      In particular I would like to share about a Team of about 27 fabulous women who are bonding together to walk for us all.
      They are a group of local Inspiring Mom’s, our kids are classmates, some are my neighbors…. They have been training for several months and many of them have walked before…Their team will be bonded together for three days for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk.
      I wanted to share this with you. They are trying to meet their pledge goals and aren’t quite there yet. If you haven’t sponsored someone for the walk I would hope you would consider their team!

      Here is their Team link.

      I am very proud of these women, and Sincerely Thank them for walking for us all….
      Thanks for your ear…