Happy Spring Darlins,
      Thinking of you….

      Hoping your Easter was lovely!
      My first spring rose blooms, they smell delishes!

      Easter was lovely, we enjoyed having our brunch outside. 

      Projects and happenings have taken me away from my blog for a bit & I’ve missed you!

      Let’s catch up.

      We’ve finished, yes completed all the stone walls in front!
      Lincoln is standing on the new curved stone bench we designed into the wall. 
      I can’t wait to have coffee out there!

      Here’s a peak from inside my clients design renovation…
      This is a wall from in the family room, I will do a post when we get all the furniture in. 
       The sconses and white painted paneled walls are dreamy! 

      I’ve been visiting your blogs, it’s my favorite time when I can check in on all of you!

      It’s been tough, honestly I want you to know I’m trying to keep my focus.
      No worries, it’s all good,  I’d love you to hang in there with me, 
      In time I’ll give you the whole scoop of what’s been happening!

      Surround yourself with the beauty that is around you,

      Looking forward to seeing everything you have been up to Gail.
      Loving the stone work a slab bench. Don't keep us waiting to long, the excitement is to much to handle. 🙂

      I too have been trying to catch up with visits and posting new and exciting changes myself, so I understand how presious you time has been.

      See you soon.