Morning Darlins,
      Hows your week so far?
       Last week we was our grove pick, I received a couple of emails asking what does it look like when they pick?
      I always document everything so here you are!
      First…. they drop off these large empty crates in our grove.
      Then the lemons are handpicked and they start filling up all the crates.
      See the weeds? With the Winter rains comes Spring weeds…
       Our new crop of weeds… 
      They are not pretty or fun…we’ll be picking those next!!!
      These are beautiful lemons!
      You can see the nice healthy size of the lemons here!
      We loved watching our grove sprout from tiny little trees to big 10 to 12 ft trees now!
       Yes it has been a lot of work, but we are happy how beautiful our trees are!
      The blossoms are so fragrant it is smells like perfume when you’re at our house!

      Puppy update….
      on Mr. Lincoln…
      Took this on Saturday,
       he was 9 weeks here!
      Weighs a bit over 21 lb.

      Quick shot this morning with my iPhone while we were on duty walk!
      He is 10 weeks.

      P.S. So cute…Took Lincoln for his first outing in public to my son’s baseball game last night and to pick up dinner.
      Waiting outside the restaurant with him while my son was inside ordering, 
       I was bent down to untangle the leash from my legs and…. 
      I looked up and had a crowd of people with their iPhones taking photos.
       OMG it was like being mobbed by the paparazzi!!!
      My youngest son who I think will be a entrepreneur someday asked me… 
      Can we charge for photos?
      He needs a Puppy guard!
      We have had him one month today!
      We adore him….
      Lincoln is growing before our eyes!

      Have a pretty day everyone.