Happy February First*

      I love this month! Romance is in the air and Sweet treats are everywhere… I just found these petite lemon cookies with lemon glazed icing. {Delicious & so perfect to slip in my son’s school lunch bag}!!! I plan to send some by post to my oldest son too,at college. I don’t think he’s too cool to get some cookies from his Mom for Valentines….He has to eat right!!!
      Mmmm so adore Tea towels … These are Vintage French with pink dots of detail. I have six of them! I have a little…. ok BIG…. love for vintage linens I have been collecting for years.
      The little White Butter pat that the cookies are on is Vintage English Ironstone… I love it!
      I have a collection of those too…..I’m letting you in on all my secret collections*****
      OH!!! I recently received this fortune.. It is amazing how it relates to my life right now!
      I save them… Do you?
      Have a LOVELY rest of your Day*