This week has been very busy and the topic around my house is LEGS,KNEES & PRETTY PLEASE!

      Whats up you ask? Well…trying to be that everything gal, my little pop-warner football player has to make weight so working him out and dieting to be 100 lbs for sat….,my oldest college QB is having his preseason scrimmages and sadly I can’t be there and the king Daddy ex player is in the hospital! Oh and trying to work,take care of the dog, house and well you know everything No complaints here..I have it all under control!!

      We sometimes hear the line… he didn’t have a leg to stand on,wow did that happen this week…
      After years of pain and discomfort from playing sports it was time for my husband who had been contemplating surgery to go for it. He had total knee replacement surgery on both knees on monday afternoon. It was a long surgery but the doctor said he was in bad need of the surgery, and didn’t know how he made it so long with the shape they were in. His doctor said he expects him to recover well from this and be out of pain. I asked pretty please return him home to us able to do what he loves.
      The worst is over and I’m grateful he did both. Why do it twice, get it over with and move on.
      It really makes you appreciate how important our legs and knees are. They support us for life and they also support us psychologically. When our legs are strong they move us in directions that are productive and self sufficient.
      I love that he will be strong and will get up and down without pain and take walks on the beach and of course up and down the ladder with a beam on one shoulder. I’ll have a sweet icetea ready and a kiss to thank him!
      The pic is my legs in advertisement from my modeling archives!

      Have a beautiful day and remember how grateful we are for strong healthy legs and knees…

      He's a brave man to do both at once, but the recovery is the same~ it's no fun getting older, but as my Dad says, "think of the alternative!" Your legs are still that great lookin' Gail~ all best to you both!!

      Wishing your husband a safe and speedy recovery. And WOW that's a great pic of your legs! Hope it's a great weekend!