Today begins

       my favorite week
       of my favorite month
      *August *
      I harvested the last of our apples for the season, 
      such pretty blush red color…

      Only half a basket, this is all… the crows had a taste & go party while we were gone.
      {Glad I picked some to take on our trip}
       All of the fruit except these had one bite off each apple!
      Until next spring…
      I will be anticipating their return
       with these beautiful * sweet * fragrant blooms.

      Have a sweet Monday
      I have plenty to make a rustic apple galette tonight! 
      {Will be my first attempt at one}


      Beautiful photos and lucky you to have these wonderful apples to nibble on!
      Warm Hugs,

      Hi Gail! Pretty picture of the blossoms! Can I ask what this is your favorite week of your favorite month?