The weekend already, hope your week was fabulous! I felt it sure went fast!

      When I was visiting the midwest I was driving between places and my route took me through a favorite fabulous place.. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.. Oh my goodness… it was October Fest, the town was decorated beautifully. Tall corn stalks wrapped around every post in town and hanging baskets with flowers. This has always been one of my favorite places, even as a young girl growing up in the area. The streets are lined with beautiful trees and the houses are all historical and fabulous. The houses on the lake are sooo amazing! I stopped walked down the the lake side to take a few photos. The building with the vines is the towns book store! Delaney Mercantile is a really cute home store. Loved the open sign in front of the store!
      A few years ago my causin Shanon got married here at a beautiful resort called “Geneva Nationals”. It was beautiful. It was the first time with my family and it was so fun to share these places where I grew up. They even thought it was pretty special and they are all born and raised in Cali!
      I hope your sunday will be relaxing!