Merry Christmas Darlins,

      FIVE more days
      I hope your at the bottom of your list of TO DO’s list!

      Over here, we’re ready & excited.
      I plan on baking tomorrow.

      When it comes to the holiday decorating I love to add some *Merry* to each space. 
      Let’s be real we spend a lot of time gathered in the kitchen so I feel it’s a fun space to deck out…sparingly!
      Memorable pieces

      This silver snowman melts my heart..
      I filled the bottom of his belly with cocoa & marshmallows or whipping creme in the top.
      A little tradition this became… when my boys were toddlers.
       Together we sat at little table in our kitchen & had cocoa.

       Somewhere I have sweet pictures of those cherished moments!
      Loving the simple decor when we come in the kitchen…

      ..remember when Evian did this limited edition bottle?

      A beautiful week before Christmas to you….


      Beautiful! YES! I remember, in fact I have 3 of those bottles currently decorating my space!

      A more Beautiful New Year!
      And how did I miss this holiday bottle at our local market.
      It's a great piece to use as a bud vase next Christmas.

      The Holidays never looks so beautiful this year spending time with you on Instagram, blogging and all the blogging Instagramers out there.

      Looking forward to the New Year here with all you will inspire.