Hi Darlins,
      We couldn’t take this ugly space one more day…
      I have the ugliest kitchen with in southern California… I’m pretty confident!!!
      This was how the space looked as of yesterday
      GREAT improvement already!

      I am so excited to be in this room again tearing things up & doing the mini fixer upper.
      Nights & weekends you know where to find us!

      The kitchen…. the most used, most coveted, most dreamed about room of a home.
      …this kitchen is most used, we love to cook, entertain and we have mangaged so far…

      Later I will create the back story for you with the first pics when we bought the house to bring you up to date. You’ll see why this is so exciting!
      This is a mini fixer upper for now… I’ll share the final plan later.

      I’m Starting a new Pinterest board MINI fixer uppers.

      A beautiful Friday all…

      Look forward to you coming by tomorrow for Saturday’ s”Designing with Vintage” No. 4


      Hang in there girl, i Know when you are done it will be the most beautiful kitchen in Southern Ca.
      Can't wait to see it in its new beautiful state.