Hi Darlins,
      Summer vintage style is all about simple elements. 
      Furnishings that have many uses with character that adds something special to our homes.
      A vintage metal stool, 
      this one belongs to me…

      I love using it for everything. 
      Here it doubles as a table…
      with milk & cookies for a little summer treat outside the Tin man’s shed!

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      Saturday’s “Desinging with Vintage” on Second Shout out blog.
      Shop for some vintage pieces for your summer space.

      My design tip:
      Summer is the best time to collect vintage items for your home that may need some painting or repair. Set up a little repair station outside & enjoy the last days of summer working on your new finds.

      A beautiful day to you,

      Thank you Dore,
      At least you know where your stool is!!! Yes I have collected vintage for years. Maybe someday a publisher will shoot my home and capture my essence here! Let's put the vibe out there shall we!!!

      Have fun & don't let any more stools go…

      Stool crush…. I have 3 stools in my home, my daughter talked me out of the fourth one the other day….oh Gail you much show every inch of your homes interiors? I am most certain it is filled with electric pieces that joy your daily life.

      Love this stool 🙂