Hope your having a lovely week… It is officially warm here in SoCal!
       Keepin cool is the motto, eating light, watermelon and sweet tea with lemon rim sugared glasses! Since I have been reminiscing about all my summer’s since it is my anniversary & birthday month I have had fun looking at a few old photos.
       I only have a few on my computer, yet to scan about a zillion more!

      A look back..This picture is of me and my first dog! Awe … he was amazing, a gift from my fiancé. His name was “Bubba” he was a purebred Newfoundland. He was huge but yet so gentle. He died at 4 years old from a heart condition called cardiomyopathy…
      This little story and photo are from part two of our honeymoon which was at Bass Lake…
      I had just finished a catalog and campaign shoot for Kawasaki, one day when I was on the jet skis during the shoot I asked the corporate guys many questions about the jet skis, they said… hey you should get one you would love it! I thought wow… great idea for a wedding gift….So they help me arrange the surprise, I surprised my husband with two new jet ski’s on a trailer for his wedding gift. So our second part was camping with our dogs and taking our new toys to the lake! It was fun to learn to ride them, we had never rode one before! We went to Bass Lake up in Northern California, it was beautiful we fell in love with the lake and we have been going there ever since!  Believe it or not we still have one of the jet skis!

      Seeing this picture is so fun, I remember every thing… even the way Bubba’s fur was full of sand and he would just sit on the shore and wait for me to come back on the jet ski.
                                      Keepin cool, with some watermelon and fun memories!
      P.S. My youngest son has a Kawasaki quad and motorcycle… Funny that I did their campaigns for many years! He asks me why I didn’t buy a motorcycle!


      What a sweet and reminescent post! 😀 Your doggie was so beautiful! 🙂