Hi everyone,

      Hope your week is going fantastic.

      I finally got the sconses for my oldest sons bedroom. I know I have been patiently waiting right, I just couldn’t find what I wanted. When I spotted these lights I thought perfect!! I’ll get them them ordered!!! Guess what, I just got them, 6 months later….

      I knew they would be just right and they certainly were what I hoped for.
      I’m sure my son will be thinking.. Oh cool, mom finally got something over that metal plate on the wall!
      I can’t wait to show you a house that I will be starting on tomorrow. Tonight I have my car loaded with beautiful flowers that we will be using.
      My design tip* don’t be impatient for items when you’re doing a project. It will be more work to find it and it and well worth the wait.
      Sweet dreams…

      Sometimes I have settled for something in stock and regretted it. Love you sconce!