Do you remember when you met your future husband for the first time? Did you know that he was the one?

      I didn’t have any idea…That a lunch would go all day into the evening!
      It all began at 11:30 am November 30th.

      That our first introduction, he invited me to go to lunch at a seaside restaurant. It would linger into the afternoon… which would proceed to a another invite to see a movie in the evening {Man from Snowy Winter}. Our lunch officially ended at about 10:45pm!!!
      I thought lunch would be a couple of hours! I can’t remember if I even changed clothes for the movie!
      I remember I had a modeling interview that morning and I had on a white cotton mini skirt and a baby blue long sleeve v-neck oversized sweater and my gold leather ballet flats! Not dressed for a first impression at all! I really was looking for a free lunch! Not a date…
      Hmm.. We didn’t have a sip of wine, just Ice tea!
      Well that is how it began 29 years ago today, AWE ! can’t believe we have been together all these years.
      A picture is worth a thousand words they say…… Soo true.
      Little did I know that this picture of me from my modeling archives would be such a true representation of what would be surrounding me in my future life with him and
      our boys today! Gives me chills!

      “Happy First meeting 29 years later to my sweetie”
      Thank you for a wonderful lunch!
      I love doing lunch*


      Sounds like love at first sight!! Congratulations and guess what…today is my anniverary too! 26 years…quite an accomplishment. Yes, Nov.30th was a great day and still is:) Wishing you a beautiful lifetime of happiness together.

      So romantic. I can see you are still in love!