I scouted this Antique Mirror about a year or so ago. I admired {ok.courted} it for a while first, then we fell in love. Somehow my instincts told me it was very special.

      {We really should trust our instincts, when their saying BUY IT, IT”S FABULOUS}!!

      Next… I had to figure out how to slip it in the house unnoticed. Then I could say in response to:
      Where did you get that?Oh that mirror, I had it in the garage and decided it would fit perfectly above the dining room mantle… Do you think it’s very heavy? I know will need cables and bolts to secure it. I think the stud is standing right next to me! Is it possible we could hang it this weekend Sweetie!!! Mmm.. do you smell the roast I have in the oven for dinner? I saw a frosty with your name on it in the fridge it will be perfectly chilled by the time your done!!

      Obviously… I retained what I learned from my acting coach!
      Doing a little historical forensics {googling} I found out that it most likely Louis XVI.
      Louis XVI of France born in 1710. This period had especially fashionable themes that were musical interments such as violin, flageolet and tambourine, hunting and fishing, symbols of Love, such as bows, arrows, torches and pastoral emblems such as crooks, large straw hats of shepherdesses.
      If you look closely at the crest top this has a rose bow garland, bird and a torch.
      {The Header art work for my blog has a closeup of my mirror}
      I’m thrilled to know more about this Mirror…
      I truly have a piece that is in the garage that I’m sure is the same period. I share that one on another post after I get the roast in the oven!!

      If anyone has any comments and has info on this style I’d love to hear from you.
      My Design Tip: We should really trust our instincts when they are saying BUY IT IT’S FABULOUS!
      Hanging a large heavy piece:
      Heavy cable, make sure the back of the frame is re-enforsed.
      You will need to find 3 to 4 studs for a hanging a heavy and large piece like this. 2 framing in the wall, and 1 or 2 studs (help) to hang it. The 1or 2 needed to hang it, your judgment will apply!
      If it’s the end of the day and you know the studs personally..Popping a “frosty” {beer} goes a goes a long way!! This insures they might return a phone call the next time your en-listsing their help!!
      Enjoy your treasures*