Happy June eve…
      Have you ever walked into a space and your attention is drawn to one piece?
      It could be a large piece of furniture or a small accessory, but we feel the attraction.
      I laugh while writing this…. because I can go into a store or even a flea market and my attention goes the only piece that is “NFS”, has this happend to you?
      That special piece is out there we just have to know it when we see it.
      Sometimes when I see just one piece, it inpsires the entire design.
      The hues of a vintage dresser can offer textile inspiration.
      I love vintage chairs, their style seems to convey how the people lived.
      A great find, a vintage piano stool.
      A vintage table-desk, versatile and timeless.

      A vintage kitchen cutting board/island can be the inspiration for the whole kitchen.
      A classic vintage stove. 
      I used one just like this for a renovation, Completely restored for safety.
      Something as small as a vintage desk calender can inspire a theme for a buisness or a home office.
      A unique set of vintage chairs just waiting for guests, truly make a statement of their own.
      My Design tip:
      Let a piece draw you in. Instincs guide you.
       When it’s a vintage piece be prepared to buy it or it will be gone.
      Saturday’s Desiging with Vintage post SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG and SHOP for some vintage pieces.

      A beautiful Saturday evening to you!
      It’s June eve….

      All photos in this found on Pinterest.

      Hi Gail, that just happened to me yesterday when I spotted that piece and not in plain sight but a piece that stood out in my design eye of rustic beauty, and in turn that tag and (NFS) appeared it's always so disappointing.
      I love that bench sofa in the first photo, but you always feature such beautiful pieces.

      Beautiful days to you.