Morning Darlins,

      Color palettes of Ink & Paper are so classically versatile.
      I love the simplicity & pure style.
      I really do think that black is the new white.
      White spaces come to life by adding some ink.

      Individually a piece stands as if it was on display.
      Loving this vintage writing desk.
      I imagine a glass ink well & fine white linen paper…

      More ….on ink & paper 
      Today’s post on Saturday’s Designing with Vintage SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG.

      My Design tip:
      Add some ink to your white spaces. Furniture, textile & accessories are easy to incorporate. Try adding a vintage piece you love…

      A beautiful Saturday to you…

      I too have incorporated the stunning contrast of Black into each room. It magically anchors a space.
      Love your photo's and continued onto second shout out to view the rest.

      Awesome, I am loving it as well in my renovation. Some spaces work so well with ink & paper! I do love this for my home too & it's a timeless look.

      What a great post! I'm into black and white decor right now. Perfect timing to reassure me I'm on the right track.

      Love the contrast between the lines of white and black making it such a soothing blend.
      That empire white chair with the black leather is a dreamy piece of Feminen to Handsome.
      Would love to stumble a piece like this. That desk with the elephant on it is also a sweet dramatic piece to love.
      Love the white and black feel here.

      Good week to you Gail.