Happy Saturday Darlins..

      I remember as a child making fortes don’t you? 
      A space that made you feel like you were somewhere else…

      Being able to create a space inside the house was fun,
       it took a little design skill so that it would stay up too!
      This forte is more my style these days…
      I loved this movie, here is a favorite scene from “The Holiday”. 
      The adults lay with the girls in the forte, together chatting and giggling looking up to the twinkle lights and the stars.
      Love this one in a loft space, it looks so cozy!
      Whats wrong with a permanent forte!!!!
      These are precious…just like the moments that are spent making them.
       Don’t wait for a rainy day to make a inside forte, any day will be perfect! 
      Just be sure to take lots of photos!

      My Design tip: Take out some of your vintage linens,use pretty vintage sheets layered with some lace tablecloths on top. Old vintage blankets and quilts are a must to snuggle with. Battery operated candles and some twinkle lights between the sheets would be perfect.

      Hope you have a beautiful weekend and take some time for some old fashion FUN!!!!

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       SSO SECOND SHOUT OUT for some vintage linens and special items for your one of a kind forte.

      Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for stopping by! I love these fortes too! Yes go and shop! I will be adding more items to the shop soon!
      Have a beautiful week!

      oh how I love forts! and hanging out with my wee ones enjoying the moments! I actually have that last photo pinned on 1 of my pinterest boards too!

      I'm now off to check out that shop you linked up! 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!