Happy Saturday Darlins,

      Hope your enjoying the weekend!

       We are enjoying sunshine here in southern Ca, after the rains we so desperately needed.

      Working on our renovation in the evenings and on weekends after all is normal for us!
       Living in it can be a bit much at times!
       It’s all good, don’t get me wrong I’m a grateful girl.

      Incorporating Vintage pieces and old salvage is what I love to do from a design standpoint in all our projects. 
      I have a storage container… or two filled with pieces I have been coveting for this french farm house & future projects.
      Finding imperfect beauties like these makes my heart flutter and my cheeks blush!
      I know I will use them, it’s just where and when!

      So if I can save your heart a bit…a little lesson to share with you is…
      It’s not the pieces that you bought and hang on to,
       it’s the pieces you passed up and didn’t get that you’ll regret!!

      The hunt is fun, but when you see it all come together that’s the joy!

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      A beautiful weekend to you,