Hi Darlins,

      Have you ever found a big Sea shell? 
      Last night, we loaded the dogs up and went to the beach to cool off,
        it was 102 here yesterday in San Diego!

      We were walking with the dogs in the sand, shallow waves were breaking at our feet. 
      I saw this round thing tumbling up to me, I couldn’t believe it…

      It was this beautiful shell…
       full of sand, a few rinses in the water and it revealed this!
        I have lived in Southern Cali for over 30 years, 
      The largest shell I’ve found was about the size of a half a dollar.

      I know it’s silly but I think this was My Jacques Cousteau moment!
       4 1/2 wide x 3 1/2 inches high. 

      Hmmm…I wonder how old it is and where it’s traveled from?

      I feel it’s a reminder from the SEA & the universe 
      that what we 
      …WISH TO SEE
      is truly right in front of us.

      I love love love it so much..
      Keeping it here in the foyer for a while!

      We are  grateful for SEA 
       the the ever changing beauty in Nature we see.
      Our dogs…
      L} Lincoln – Saint Bernard
      R} Miss Chloe -Tibetan Mastiff

      A lovely rest of the week to you!


      What a beautiful find, Gail! Hope you're having a great start to your week!

      Gail a beautiful post, and I know that feeling of what the sea welcomes us with, I like to think of them as little giftings. Feeling guilty often for taking them home with me, but how could one not? It's such a beautiful reminder of what beauty lies at our feet, and this she'll floating up to you was one of them.
      You really displayed it wonderfully, like a crown under glass.
      It's perfectly displayed right where you have it. Our French Boat is docked right In The view of the Hilton and the beauty is an amazing view, I also have a step Brother who lives in San Diego.
      Our heat has come to a calm now pushing the 90's still yet the last couple of days the winds really have picked up and keeps the heat comfortable here on the southern Ca. Desert.

      Enjoy the sea-shell and its beauty that calls out to you.

      Sea Kisses


      Loved your post today! I live in Valley Village and it was 107 here Monday! Love your new shell – well your very old shell. Really beautiful!