Hi Darlins… 
      The weekend is here along with lots to do for everyone…

       I decided to do a post on this because…
       A. I’m loving it.
      B. Because I use it.
      C. It’s fabulous!
      I am talking about Galvanized  and Tin everything!
      I call it the Galvanized and Tin Revolution.
      I do believe it’s always been here in design but now, it’s well…
      CHIC and COOL and I’m LOVING IT!!!

      Popular back in the day because it was extremely practical, strong and had a long life span for industrial applications and products used on the farms.

      I love some of these ideas!
      Some are mine from my home {they are watermarked} and a few from Pinterest.

      This vintage architectural cornice is a beautiful example of Galvanized.

      This piece is about 30″ in height with garlands and bows. 
      One of two pieces I found. 
      SOOO lucky to have about 10 feet of this.. 
      I am thinking of using it for my interior
       surround on the base of a Juliet balcony that over looks the dining room.

       The story is that these cornice pieces were salvaged off an old building in Chicago and they were on the facia.
       I would  so love to have a photo of the building when these were on it!!
      Vintage Tin domes…
      Tin pieces were used for everyday households and more affordable for restaurants and hotel than silver. I love these…  

      You’ll want to start shopping for the Holiday’s at Second Shout Out  we have some great pieces of galvanized and tin there. 
      Check my store for some buckets and a sales man’s shoe rack!
      Love this Vintage tin top table I use for serving in my garden house!
      This beautiful laundry room using vintage galvanized sinks…
      what a great collection of buckets and cans.
       Practical yet inviting!
      A few of my watering cans too, I use them everyday…

      Out buildings just are soooo cool with tin roofs & cupulas.
      We love our Tin man’s shed…
       Had to design it with a tin roof and a tin cupola!

      It is a Galvanized and Tin Revolution I do believe!

      My design tip: Interior or exterior, by incorporating some vintage tin and galvanized pieces you will bring a sense of the earthy outdoors into your space. Adding warmth and simplicity and a little rustily loved patina that are a bit utilitarian yet chic.

      Hop over for todays “Designing with vintage” post for  SECOND SHOUT OUT
      maybe some pre Holiday shopping!

      With thoughts and prayers for our East Coast fellow…