Happy Easter….
      Wishing all of you a glorious day!

      Simple entertaining many years ago involved gathering outdoors to share a packed meal.
      When I look at old photos of my family I see many of those special occasions.
      I scope out the picture to see the vintage design details. 
      Especially love it when there is a picnic photo!
      Many times I have thought, we should take time to simply throw a picnic!
      Simple and inviting…
      Try not to use paper or plastic…

      Bring anything you like for a picnic.
      A vintage suitcase goes from carryall to tabletop…

      Vintage crates transpire dishes & food, then utilize as risers.
      This vintage tin is perfect for the sandwiches.

      I hope you will be inspired to gather soon for a picnic!

      My Design tip:
      There are no rules, enjoy the moment.

      Hope over to Saturday’s Designing with vintage series on SECOND SHOUT OUT Blog.
      Casual loves Elegance shop.

      Have a beautiful Easter.

      Thank you Vera, Sometimes we need to get refreshed on simple things that are really the most fun!
      Thank you for visiting!

      Maybe this year you will have time to plan a special spot & celebrate picnic style. Do you know there are small event company's that will any kind of little party with vintage props for you! You might check in your area. They bring everything set it up even the catering! You will have to let me know why you do!
      Thank you for stopping by!

      Love picnics, very nice choice of photos. I adore picnics in the park.

      What amazing picnic images. I have a September birthday and always want to celebrate with a picnic…love!