Happy Saturday Darlins,
      If your a vintage collector or even have some heirloom items I bet you have some things that are gorgeous and boxed up because you don’t know what to do with them. 
      The loveliest part of collecting is having those treasures out where we can enjoy and share them.

      It’s easy to do!
      First cultivate your collections together.
      Stack them, hang them on walls or display them on shelves 
      table tops
      in a cool open cabinet
       one with glass.

      See what fits your space best and what shows your creative style. 
      Get inspired to see your treasures as art and you will fall in love with them all over again.

      All pinterest
      My Design tip: Spread your collections through your spaces. Curate same kind or type. Using a theme is lovely too. See them as your artistic collections of art.

      Enjoy a beautiful weekend and tomorrow we will have one more hour of sunshine!

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      Gail, I so agree with you. I've collected all of my life and all those treasures mean something to me.
      Sometimes, I change my mind, but not often. And, the really good thing about collecting fine things is that they retain their value or get more expensive, and they can be lent or bequeathed. xx's

      Oh Gail, this is a post after my style heart…. I love to display pieces that other wise make no sense unless they are grouped together like the wood fragments hanging together. Love all these inspiring foto's….. What grouping is in your home?

      See you soon.