Hi Darlins,
      Hope this finds you staying cool! 
      Our weather is a bit balmy here in So Cal…
      When it’s so warm like this, I make alot of blended refreshing drinks.

      This is a favorite I love to make
      Super simple…

      Fresh watermelon & ice…
      A fresh sprig of chocolate mint & I’m happy!

      Saturday I did alot of gardening & Sunday I was in the grove harvesting in between the thunder & wonderful little rain so I had several of these!
      Super heathy!
      My topiarys are nicely pruned now!
      Have a gorgeous evening!

      Off to make dinner & take a dip in the pool!

      Ok Gail I am on my way over, have one of thoes mellon drinks ready for me! 🙂
      I am seriously going to make one. I also almost bought a chocolate mint plant the other day to plant in my garden pathway, now I wonder why you now call for the herb 🙂

      I love seeing this angle of your yard, its so awwww inspiring seeing your garden house above.

      a beautiful night for a dip.
      see you and your next posting soon.


      YUM!!! I think I'm going to have to buy a melon tomorrow Gail 🙂