Coming Soon…MY STORY


      Hello, I’m Gail Smith Peterson.

      Founder of Casual Loves Elegance, blogger, writer, home designer & stylist.

      I’m in development on a very exciting & inspiring project.

      I am looking for folks with forever home stories in the Southern California area. If you fit the description below, yours may be one I need to hear about!

      My question – is there a place in your mind & heart that you remember going to in your life that you would categorize as the best house ever? You know the kind of place I’m talking about:

      • your childhood home
      • your Grandparents home
      • your forever home.

      Location Southern California: a house, cabin, cottage, beach house, farmhouse are wanted to meet the requirements for the Forever Home Story project.

      Most Important, that it’s the place you’ve dreamed about over and over in your life.  You may be thinking about it right now as you read this!  I’m collecting stories about Forever Homes for a possible project.

      If you’re interested in being considered & possibly having your story shared in my Forever Home Stories project please fill out the questionnaire.  I’d love to hear from you.  (If you think you know someone who would align with this, please forward).

      Thank you in advance for sharing your inspiring stories.

      I know what it’s like to have a place like this in your heart.

      I hope your NEVER EVER GIVE UP on your dream, because if you do, it can’t come true…


      If you’re interested in our questionnaire get in touch below.