Good Saturday Mornin Darlins….
      Interesting how a home office reflects the person who uses it…
      The spaces are as different and unique as each of us.
      We all use them in a manner that helps us to do our best work, in the comfort of our home.

      Here are a few I curated for you to dream about today!

      Fresh & airy filled with light, Love the mingling of vintage and new!

      Pale pinks soft, simple and feminine… painted white floors, beautiful barrel ceiling!
      Maybe your office is in the kitchen! 
      See… every accessory is vintage here!
       The kitchen table chopped and hung on the wall, a crib box spring on the wall, the fence post cap etc….

      This office looks like it’s in a basement or loft…
       LOVE the brick exterior wall! 
      This is certainly a designers office, I recognize the elements!
       There is a beloved Apple!!! 
      I LOVE mine!

      A great work space. 
      Love the herring bone floors, ceiling height and the salvaged work table along the wall.
       Check out the notes or stories hanging from the chandelier!
      Funny… I do that too, my lamp shades have notes or photos on them!
      {Pinterest}ELLE DECOR

      These are  my favorite spaces…
       I will be doing a gentlemen’s space similar to this for my home…
      Hopefully add a fireplace.. 
      Definitely statement lighting and some family photos of us!!!
      Lincoln {our new Saint} will be under the desk and Chloe {Our Tibetan Mastiff} outside under the window!!!

      To have a fireplace in your office space is the absolute best… It doesn’t get any better!!!
      LOVE the vintage Zebra rug, oval desk and great shutters!

      My Design tip: Your office space is a place that reflects you, a place to be inspired. 
      Stay organized,yet have a little fun with it too! Incorporate vintage accessories that tell a story.

      Read my SSO blog post for Saturday’s Designing with vintage.
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      Visit my collection there.

      Have a beautiful weekend!