Our nostalgic design curates’ materials you’ll love –  fresh, luxury but preservation like.  Old school craftsmanship & makers are essential.

      We offer full circle design for the entire project, or `a La Carte services for individual design needs.  Contact for rate.


      This service includes:

      • An in-depth conversation to discover your true vision, desire and expectation for the design of the selected space. This can either be done as an in-person consult {if you’re local} or E-Design with your photos provided.

      • Once consultation is completed, you can expect to receive a custom design mood board, with product selection and source list within 2-3 weeks. Promptly after payment for service is received, your project will be added to the calendar.

      • A fee will apply to any additional rooms.

      • Large detailed mood boards per room are available for an additional fee.

      . A flat fee for main living area or one room.

      • Simple questions can always be answered with the purchase of the $26  buck Question (See Below).

      Contact for rate

      * In person design consult is for “local,”  i.e  San Diego, Orange County, Ca.

      * Travel to location outside of local area for Design Consult can be arranged.

      On Site Service

      This service includes:

      • An onsite consultation Visit to project and a custom design plan will be formed.  An in-depth conversation about your style, taste and expectations, scope and budget for project to transform your space.

      • San Diego, Orange County, Ca.

      “Our personalized interior design services are affordable, specializing in creating one-of-a-kind spaces that you’ll love coming home to & make every-day living pleasurable.”


      Full Circle Home Design & Renovation

      * San Diego, Orange County, Ca.

      This service includes:

      Home Design services for full circle design & renovation

      . From start to finish of the entire project I’m your designer, and your liaison between you & your contractor, working with subs, sourcing, ordering materials for the design and monitoring your project to stay on budget and on time. I work for you, in every facet to help you with every detail to achieve a completed project that you will love.

      $26 Buck Design Question

      Purchase one question, in the design field you’re seeking an answer to.  Ask a question about anything you’re struggling with, from paint colors, materials, to style or entertaining ideas.  I also advise on choosing a sub or contractor.  Pick my brain for favorite places to shop for vintage, etc.  A photo is always helpful.  I’m excited to add this design service for you. The response is directly for you-not generic.  I know sometimes you need to bounce an idea off someone.  I’m your girl.

       Submit your Design question or questions on the form.  Expect an email with the answered question in about 2 business days.

      Oh…and thank you in advance.  Two bucks from each question will be set aside for donation to Rebuilding Together San Diego (RTSD).

      Rebuilding Together San Diego (RTSD)