Morning Darlins…

      Back to school infuses a cozy & different feel around H*O*M*E….
      Do you agree?
      A sense of routine begins again.
      Gently feels like a clean slate, more focused attention on nesting our home for the holiday season!
      I have shown this before…
       please bare with me…. cause I’m just in LOVE* LOVE *LOVE with this Antique pine 1890’s
      Housekeeping cabinet from Europe.
      This piece takes the place of about 3 linen closets!

      Keeps me organized, everything is accessable.
      It is quite large 11 feet long, 9 drawers and 6 french uppers.
      I house some of my vintage linens etc.
      I fell in love with three gorgeous Antique pieces of european pine for storage. 
      This piece, a Linen Press and large console. All pieces are european dating 1880’s. 
      I loved hearing the story of these pieces when I was interested in  buying them. 
      I took my time… looked at these pieces for about a year!

       {I used to visit them to make sure they weren’t sold}!
      I know you have done that too!!!!

        So fun to read the shipping and crating info on the backs of the pieces!
      Autumn & back to school immediately has us beginning to anticipate lighting the first fire!
      As I look around here at my nature inspired decor. like these antlers, 
       I think hmmm.
      I Love hanging with my family right here at  H*O*M*E!

      Have a beautiful day!