A beautiful Saturday to you,
      Everyday chores especiallly laundry, can become dreaded. 
      It’s how you look at it…
       that can be inspiring & even chic.

      There isn’t anything that smells as incredible 
      feels fresher than linens air dried in the sun by a gentle breeze.

      This first picture from the 40’s in New Jersery is a classic!
      Vintage clothes pins & ironing boards are great utilitarian finds.

      A vintage doll house finds it’s been up cycled as storage in this laundry room.
      Neatly folded linens to me are a source of beauty.

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      This clothes line is dreamy…
      My Design Tip: Laundry chores are here to stay, so creating a lovely space in which you hold laundry court is a priority.

      Hop over to Second Shout Out Blog for my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” series
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      for some items to create a lovely laundry space!

      Enjoy the simple things!


      Really love the doll house shelving. That is too cute.

      Hhi Dore,
      I am planning a line, but it's down on the list a bit! After this I might have to bump it up for Spring…
      I love your sweet memories of laundry day with your Grandmother. I remember the terry towels too being stiff but the fragrance was delicious!
      My Grandmothers apron…. now that I recall always had a fresh fragerance to them as she walked by!
      Thank you for stopping by, let me know if you make a line too!
      A beautfiul day to you!

      Awe..I love that it brought a lovely memory back to you!
      It's precious how everyday life makes an impact on us as a child.

      I think in today's pace it's more important than ever to gift those experiences to children.
      I know we cherish ours!!!
      Thank you Anita for stopping by.
      xo, Gail

      Oh Gail,
      How touching this post is, it has brought back laundry days at my grandmothers home in LA. Ca. Where hang the wet rung out sheets and towels to dry would only take a couple of hours in the sunlight. The crispness to the touch and the rough Terri bath sheets were like a new loofa to the skin.

      I love Anita's choice of photo, it's so soulful, yet that clothing line, the last photo is so cottage chic….when I saw this post it made me want to put in a clothing line just like this one wether I use it or not. It would just be a forgotten reminder of days gone by, time well spent hanging out the wash,mand then taking it in to fold. Really a beautiful post.

      Gail, do you have a clothing line in your garden, I bet it would be an added piece of beauty I am sure, and would pick up the scent of your lemon grove like a bath in lemon.

      I think you need one!


      Good morning Gail! My absolute favorite picture is the lantern with the pink towel and basket. I just imagine this in an old Dutch house…so quaint. And laundry day at home as a child, I remember it. I can smell the warm linen wafting in the air and going out to help my mother gather the sheets, so warm off the line. Oh the memories…